Konchu monogatari minashigo Hutch

Konchu monogatari minashigo Hutch
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The peaceful Honeybee village is suddenly in danger with the surprise attack by the army of cruel Hornets. They are looking to take over the village. During the battle and the chaos, young Hutch, is lost from his friends and family. He is however determined to get back to his home and also to find his missing Queen Bee Mother. The adventure of Hutch starts, as encounters other insects and animals, some friendly and helpful, and some mean and hostile. He also finds that even with the enemy species, there could be friendship that is born by understanding each other. Through his travels and adventures, Hutch starts to grow up, discovers the wonders of nature and the true meaning of courage.

Título original Konchu monogatari minashigo Hutch
Año: 1970
Género: Animación Aventura Comedia Drama
Elenco: Yôko Kuri, Joshua Seth, Mari Devon, Yoshiko Yamamoto, Junji Chiba, Edie Mirman, Masako Nozawa, Minoru Midorikawa, Takeshi Watabe, Yoshiko Matsuo, Yoshiko Sakakibara, Chieko Honda, Haruko Kitahama, Frank Catalano, Dorothy Elias-Fahn.
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